Bracken Assessments

Pre-K students enrolled in Epic Charter Schools will be required to take the Bracken Assessment or BRSA. Typically, students are scheduled for these assessments in August of each school year.

The BSRA offers testing to children for six basic skills including the identification of colors, upper and lower case letters, single and double digit numbers and the child’s ability to count, their ability to use different words to describe sizes, such as bigger and smaller, comparisons of different objects, and the identification of different shapes.

  • Student must identify common colors by name.
  • Students must identify upper-case and lower-case letters.
  • Student must identify single- and double-digit numerals, and must count objects.
  • Student must demonstrate knowledge of words used to depict size (e.g. TALL, WIDE, etc.)
  • Student must match or differentiate objects based on a specific characteristic.
  • Student must identify basic shapes by name.

The Bracken School Readiness Assessment tests these skills based upon standard concepts that are normally taught by parents, preschool, and kindergarten teachers in preparation for school. Test questions are usually either given orally or by multiple choice, and the testers administer questions with the use of picture books or through simple interactions, so although children need good listening skills to take it, they do not necessarily need to know how to read or write. The scores attained on the standardized intelligence test can be converted to a percentile, and there are also ways to convert the scores so that a child can be categorized as either ‘advanced’ or ‘delayed’.