High School Students: Planning the Next Chapter…

For many of our students, the quest for knowledge does not end with high school graduation. If you’ve been down that road before, whether it’s going to a trade school or a university, you’ll know it takes a tremendous amount of planning.

From all the applications to the acceptance exams and financial aid, it can be downright harrowing. But…not to fret…we’ve begun compiling some useful resources for you and the one leaving the nest.

Scholarships & More:

Furthering your education from here on is expensive and it may seem out of reach, but there are several ways to pay for school. Plus, did you know that there are thousands of scholarships out there…and there may be one just for you. Some scholarships pay for everything, while some just cover the basic tuition costs.

Click here to view a growing list of scholarship opportunities.

Helpful College Resources:

Below are several college resources to help high school students get started on their transition to postsecondary education. To view a more comprehensive list of these resources, click here.

ACT: http://www.actstudent.org
Excellent website for resources on why attending college is important to scheduling for the ACT exams and test preparation.
SAT: http://www.collegeboard.org/
Register, prepare and get your scores for the most widely used admission test, get college credit for what you already know by earning qualifying scores on CLEP exams, and us the free college planning information.
OK College Start: http://www.okcollegestart.org
OKcollegestart.org is the state’s official website that provides information about higher education in Oklahoma for students, counselors, and parents. It is designed to be the most comprehensive and current source for college planning for Oklahoma students, beginning as early as middle school.
FAFSA4caster: http://www.fafsa4caster.gov
This page will help you understand your options for paying for college. Provide some basic information and they estimate eligibility for federal student aid.
To view a more comprehensive list of these resources, click here.

Graduation Support

Need to talk to someone about making the next move in your education? Let us know! Click here to contact a Graduation Support Manager.