Administrative Directory

The Epic Charter Schools Enrollment Center is home to the Epic Administrative team. Everyone in our administration is able to assist you during the office hours of 8:00 A.M. – 5:00 P.M., Monday thru Friday.

If you are unable to reach us by phone during normal office hours, please leave a detailed message and we will get in touch with you shortly. As always, you are also welcome to use the Help Desk to send in a support request.

Our mailing address is:

Epic Enrollment Center
4101 NW 122nd St., Suite B
Oklahoma City, OK 73120
Phone: 405.749.4550
Fax: 405.749.4540

Administrative Directory:

Special Education

Jamie Lahey
Special Education Director
Call 405.749.4550 X 112


Michelle Valdez
Director of Admissions
Call 405.749.4550 X 101

Laci Scott
Resources Manager
Call 405.749.4550 X 120

Learning Fund & Resources

Josh Brock
Chief Financial Officer
Call 405.749.4550 X 147

Kalee Dimmick
Director of Human Resources
Call 405.749.4550 X 103

Roger Kimball
Learning Fund Director
Call 405.749.4550 X 126

Jacob Harris
Learning Fund Manager
Call 405.749.4550 X 127

Jenny Kierstead
Learning Fund Manager
Call 405.749.4550 X 145

Miyeka Smith
Learning Fund Manager
Call 405.749.4550 X 143

School & Student Accountability

Michael Flory
Assistant Superintendent of Accountability
Call 405.749.4550 X 102

Larry Ensminger
Graduate Support Director
Call 405.749.4550

Danette Propst
Graduate Support Manager, North Central
Call 405.749.4550 X 105

Jennifer Banfield
Graduation Support Manager, East
Call 405.749.4550 X 122

Kelly Kaulay
Graduation Support Manager, Tulsa Green Country
Call 405.749.4550

Melodi Trower
Graduation Support Manager, OKC Metro
Call 405.749.4550 X 117


J. Scot Trower
Assistant Superintendent of Instruction
Call 405.749.4550 X 121

Dr. David Kincaid
Principal – Tulsa Green Country
Call 405.749.4550 X 130

Jim Rector
Principal – East
Call 405.749.4550

Jodie Shupe
Principal – North Central
Call 405.749.4550

Marty Culberson
Principal – OKC Metro
Call 405.749.4550 X 138

Pam Beck
Principal – West & Virtual Programs
Call 405.749.4550 X 141

Academic Improvement

Bart Banfield
Assistant Superintendent of Academic Improvement
Call 405.749.4550 X 139

Cindy Wilhelm
Professional Development Manager
Call 405.749.4550 X 114

Erin Barnes
Teacher Support Director
Call 405.749.4550

Anne Gottschalk
Teacher Support Manager
Call 405.749.4550

Jillian Bolding
Teacher Support Manager
Call 405.749.4550

Kevin Edwards
Teacher Support Manager
Call 405.749.4550

Yolanda Merriman
Teacher Support Manager
Call 405.749.4550

School Communications

Sean Ridenour
Communications Director
Call 405.749.4550 X 142

Chimène Long
Family Relations Coordinator
Call 405.749.4550 X 137

Whitney Proctor
Community Relations Manager
Call 405.749.4550 X 136

Beasley Technology
Technical Support

Call 918-225-6900, opt. 1

  • Computer Hardware and Software Support

Epic Charter Schools Board:

Mr. Douglas R. Scott, J.D.

Mr. Mike Cantrell

Ms. Betsy A. Brown, J.D.

Dr. Travis Burkett